Self Defense - Hostile Environments

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This is an excellent course for missionary's having to deal with hostile environments on the mission field. Saying that, everyone will benefit from the information presented in the course. Why? read on.

You will learn how to look for and avoid danger. Manage fear and stay claim using the same techniques taught to Special Forces. Learn to listen to the subtle voice that warns you of danger, even though you don't see any. De-escalate a possible hostile situation before it turns violent.

This course includes the following Modules:

Module 1 - Foundation
Introduction - What you will learn and why
Managing Fear - Don't let fear grip you
Learn to Listen - To survival signals

Module 2 -Training
Out of Distance - How to stay safe
Wide Distance - How to negotiation
Hostage Situation - Staying alive as a hostage

| 7 video lessons | 16 page PDF printable manual | 40 min to complete |

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This is not a martial arts course.
This information is NOT intended to be used to deliberately cause harm.
The Academy of Light does not condone violence in any form. The content provided here is for informational purposes only. We take no responsibility if you injure yourself whilst following any of the instructions in this manual and or accompanying videos.