• Where to stay

    Where to stay

    We acknowledge the accommodation options in the Maleny area requires just a little more thought than if heading to a holiday resort location or city. So, with this in mind I thought it may be helpful to offer some more...

  • Getting to Maleny

    Getting to Maleny

    How to get to Maleny Let’s go over some transport logistics as good planning is essential to avoid long or unplanned layovers. Please consider the below general information, and every effort has been made to provide accurate information and a...

  • Spiritual Significance

    Spiritual Significance

    Maleny has spiritual significance. From the moment my father- and mother-in-law, Neville and Jo Johnson came to this area on holiday they knew Maleny had spiritual significance. The Lord drew them back here a couple of times before planting the...

  • Food establishments

    Food establishments

    Again, a disclaimer, we are not sponsored by nor endorse any food outlets however I have listed some alphabetically below for your ease and discernment. All times and information provided was correct to the best of my knowledge for our...

  • The art of dressing like a local for the climate!

    The art of dressing like a local for the climate!

    The art of dressing like a local for the climate! (aka What should I pack?) At around 410m above sea level on the southern end of the Blackall Range, Maleny enjoys a more comfortable subtropical climate than its neighbours off...

  • Last minute preps

    Last minute preps

    I have been thoroughly briefed to share with you the important stuff so here it is: - PLEASE (pretty please) make sure you have a paper copy of your confirmation of attendance (or a screen shot of it as a...