Jacobs Well

God is choosing places around the world where there will be an open heaven a portal as it were where heaven and earth meet, Moravian Falls in the USA is one such place. These places will be places of intense spiritual activity a place where people can connect with God in a special way.

Jacob came upon such a place in Genesis 28:12-16

These places are chosen by God.

When Neville first came to Queensland the Lord appeared to him and his wife. The Lord said this: “ You can live anywhere you like in this area, but the place where you build the Academy of Light, I WILL CHOOSE THE LOCATION”.

We believe the Lord has chosen the place for this
The Lord recently led us to a piece of land in a remarkable way. My wife and I (Nev & Jo) were praying while driving along a mountain range in South East Queensland Australia when I accidentally ended up on private property. The owner of the property emerged asking what we were doing on his property. I excused my self by saying we accidentally entered His property. (There was no demarcation between the public road and this private entrance to the property) Then the man said; “this property is for sale would you like to look around” which we did. The property is named "Jacobs Well".

We drove out of the property parked the car on the side of the road and prayed, “Lord is this the land you have chosen” The Lord spoke into my heart clearly Genesis 28:17

Genesis 28:17 He was afraid and said, "How dreadful is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven."

We all felt that God had led us to this piece of land and that it was the land that He the Lord had chosen for the Academy of Light studios. The land covers 35 acres and is very private situated in the middle of a rain forest; a stream runs along the lower boundary. The property has two building, a house and the second building we transformed into the studio.