Conversational Camouflage - Digital Download

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In today's modern world, operations security (OPSEC) and personal security (PERSEC) are no longer exclusive military terms. Physical surveillance and intelligence gathering methods are diminishing while electronic surveillance grows exponentially. Every day, millions of people willfully disclose many areas of their private lives on social media. This creates an information buffet for whomever wishes to dine, whether they be opportunistic criminals, foreign enemies, or corrupt governments. They simply choose whatever non-secure information morsels in which to feast. In order to conceal one's actions for self-reliance, self-preservation, and self-defense, vigilant security measures are necessary; now more than ever.

Camouflage and concealment expert, Matthew Dermody, further extends his "S" word conceptual alliteration into the most difficult realm of camouflage to master: Verbal Behavior. Whether the purpose is mission security or individual safety, how we speak and what we speak either obscures or announces our true intentions. In this provocative book, Dermody discusses a wide range of information security concepts and behavioral camouflaging techniques.

Whether you are a military operations commander or a private citizen preparing for uncertain times, the subject of oratory discretion should be at the forethought of how you conduct your life professionally, privately, and on social media. Sometimes, the most important "S" word in oratory concealment is...Shhh!