Dare to Prepare

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Dare To Prepare is geared to the city, urban, suburban and rural person with life-saving information for everyone including apartment dwellers and folks on low income. It's a reference work for practical living whether or not we are in crisis, and how to save money at the same time.

Dare To Prepare is many books in one - a mini-encyclopaedia. The material has been totally updated to meet today's preparedness needs. Dare To Prepare includes new, thoroughly researched topics. Like the original, Dare's aim is to arm you with as much information possible in one volume. It contains the most vital material to keep you safe and prepare you for life's challenges.

Additionally, Dare teaches you many useful and fun practical skills. Kids will enjoy them, too, and their involvement let's children understand preparation is a normal part of life, not a scary thing.

This book is a large format on 22x28cm paper and 632 pages. You will not find large margins, large print or wasted space. Margins have been squeezed to contain the most information possible.

Included is a 12,000 word and phrase index to easily locate information quickly. In addition to all this, Dare 5 contains over 340 photos and many charts to make personalized planning super simple.