The Lure of Deception

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One of Satan's most effective weapons is the weapon of deception. Satan will seek to sidetrack you into a lagoon of deception and in so doing, he will take you out of the mainstream of God's provision and purposes. The Apostle Paul warned us not to be ignorant of Satan's devices. 2 Corinthians 2:11

Jesus warned us of the dangers of great deception arising in the end times and that even God's choicest people need to be vigilant and aware of the great danger that will confront His people. Matthew 24:24-26

Prior to the first advent (or coming) of Jesus, there was a rise in occult activity. Can you imagine what it will be like just prior to the second coming of Jesus. Isaiah 8:18-22, Isaiah 9:1-7

I trust and pray that these teachings will save you from being caught in the lure of deception.

This course includes a 25 page printable manual and takes 5 hours to complete.


Problems of the Heart
Why Christians end up in Deception
Error by Emphasis or Neglect
Deception and Relationships
Discerning of Spirits

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