Times We Are Living In

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3 part video series by Neville Johnson

These messages cover three important topics for the time in which we are now living.

This teaching was given to Neville Johnson as a result of a number of visitations that he had in the year 2010. He saw the rise of the Joseph ministries being celebrated in heaven on the 8th of April 2010.

He talks about the rise of the Joseph ministries and the implications this has to us today.  The rise of the Morning Star rose out of a conversation he had with the Lord regarding the Lord rising within His people  which culminates in the spiritual experience of transfiguration. In the message on Israel  he talks about what transpires in the church has a correlation with what has to happen in Israel first.

These are messages you need to hear, they are right up to date with what God is doing now.

Rise of the Joseph Ministry
Israel and the Gentile Church
The Morning Star

3 Videos | MP4 1080p | 120 minutes

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