Letters to the Seven Churches

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Christs Message to the seven churches in Asia Give us a prophetic overview of basically three things

* They all existed in John's day.

* They all represented a historic period from the early church to the end time church.

* The all exist today.

Because man is basically the same in every age, having the same aspirations, and weakness. We must learn from the past in order to guide our steps aright in the present. We must know something of the past in order to avoid those things, which led to spiritual and moral decay.

The letters to these seven churches give a prophetic fore view of church history: They also have a dynamic message for the church today.

The Church at Ephesus
The Church at Smyrn
The Church at Pergamos
The Church at Thyatara
The Church at Sardis
The Church at Philadelphia
The Church at Laodicea

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