Spiritual Mapping

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The included manual is an abridged version of the resource manual, MAPPING AUSTRALIA. It  is an attempt to assist you in the field of Spiritual Mapping. Though it is not a fully developed guide, there are other resources available from ministries like The Sentinel Group in the USA.

My interest is that mappers in Australia need to coordinate their resources and have a common investigative method of researching and appraising material. There  are many flaky and questionable research methodologies around. Thankfully some ministries involved in this field now see the urgent need to substantiate the idea of mapping. They are setting good standards to follow in data acquisition.

One particular need we have in Australia, is to recognize the role that Aboriginal spirituality plays in mapping. I believe that we cannot fully appreciate the issues of our nation unless we take into account.

Aboriginal belief systems
This will most definitely influence our overall view of community dynamics.

Even Christians living in cities and suburbs with little or no direct Aboriginal presence, will need to take this into account. Both past and present Aboriginal ideas do influence Australian society. The Lord has already raised up faithful Aboriginal believers who are giving much needed insight into this important understanding.

This course includes a 28 page printable manual and takes 2 hours to complete.

What is Spiritual Mapping
Who Should be on the Team
What to Look for in Mapping
Interpreting the Information
Cautions, Counsel, and Controversies
Other Considerations

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