The Epistles of John

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The Apostles Peter, Paul and John are often referred to as the three pillars of the church. Without question they (Peter, Paul and John) had the greatest impact on the first century church. Peter laid the foundation for both Jew and Gentiles, but he was soon overshadowed by the great exploits of Paul.

Only after Peter and Paul had moved on to their reward in heaven, did John rise to the forefront, with his profound revelation of the Lord. John would have the last word in the cannon of scripture, his letters completed the message of the New Testament.

John's vision was beyond doctrine, he was devoted to knowing the Lord in a much deeper way than both Peter and Paul expressed in their writing. John had the last word and his epistles will be prevalent in the church when the Lord returns. Intimacy with God and understanding the nature of God permeate his writing, these are the final word for the church in this hour.


An End-Time Message Part 1
An End-Time Message Part 2
Entering Into Rest
The Bond Servant
Don't Judge
The Power of Love

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