To Walk With God

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The purpose of this training course is to provide desperately needed teaching on how you can walk with God. How you can maintain a living relationship with the Lord. We are living in an hour when we really need to know the voice of the Lord in order to survive the End-Times. We need to know how God wants to communicate with us in this hour. It is vital that you are able to hear clearly for yourself.

God is opening up new realms of relationship with Himself and His angels. Many are beginning to experience the realities of heaven while still here on earth. Jesus wants to become more real to you than you can imagine.

The teaching in this course will show you how to reach into God at a level that will greatly enhance your walk with Him.

This course includes a 58 page printable manual and takes 10 hours to complete.


The Mind Working With the Spirit
Spiritual Language part 1
Spiritual Language part 2
The Voice of God
Providential Guidance
God's Sign Language
God's Prophetic Voice
Dark Speeches and the Similitude of the Lord

11 files | MP3 Format | 621 minute

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