Translation by Faith

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Dates: August 5th - 10th
Times: 9am- 5pm Daily
1284 Maleny Landsborough Rd, Maleny, QLD Australia

School of the Supernatural: Translation By Faith
Imagine as a servant of God moving supernaturally across time, the Earth and the Heavens for the purposes of God. Translation by Faith as experienced by Enoch, Elijah, Philip and John is happening now and is our inheritance as children of God.

The question is ...will you allow God to use you? Are you willing to step out in faith? Are you willing to lay down your own agenda and embrace His? Are you willing to lay down your fear, doubt, unbelief and reputation?

This school has been created to help you not only to learn about Translation by Faith, but also to teach you how to enter in.

Stir up your passion for God and pursue Him with everything you've got and you will walk in this supernatural reality called "Translation by Faith".

This 6-day intensive class are taught by the authors themselves. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of the supernatural that is available to us and learn from the experience of Dr. Bruce Allen and Reshma Allen.

Revelations Explained
Discover and understand your personal experiences with God and cultivate a deeper relationship.

Biblical Foundations
Understand the Scriptures to build a foundation for growth for a supranational life

Activating Exercises
Step-by-step exercises to help activate walking in the supernatural based upon a biblical foundation.

Dr. Bruce Allen is an internationally known minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, keynote conference speaker, and best-selling author of several highly acclaimed and anointed books, including the best-seller “Gazing into Glory”. Dr. Bruce walks in and ministers from the glory realms of God with miracles and signs following. A modern day Enoch, Dr. Bruce’s mandate from the Lord Jesus is to train and equip believers to walk fully in the supernatural things of God, equipping believers to live a life of miracles, signs and wonders, moving supernaturally across the Earth for the purposes of, and the glory of the Lord. It is Dr. Bruce’s passion to equip and launch believers into their full inheritance in Christ.

Reshma Allen comes from the island nation of Fiji. From an early age she has had dreams regarding the Church of the last days. She is used of the Lord often in miracles of healing and has a strong word for the youth and the women of the nations regarding their destiny in this hour. The purity of spirit by which she ministers the word affects the lives of many around the world. Reshma has a strong mandate from the Lord to activate Christians into greater dimensions in the Kingdom of God and to take hold of their inheritance in Christ.