Word for the Week Season 1 - USB

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The complete season 1 of Word for the Week containing 52 episodes in high definition (1920x1080) video.  Neville Johnson features in 46 episodes, which he recorded from 2018-2019.

This USB device can be used in smart TV's and computers.

E01: Hitting the Mark, Hyper Grace, Amillennium
E02: Signs in the Heavens, End Time Harvest
E03: Voice to the Nations, Joseph Ministries
E04: The Omnipresence of God
E05: Breaking Through the Veil
E06: Entering Heavens Realm
E07: When God Lowers the Hedge
E08: Elisha: Double Portion
E09: Coming into Rest
E10: The Sacrifice God has Chosen for us
E11: The Ultimate Reference Point
E12: God’s Hand of Grace
E13: Coming out of the Wilderness
E14: New Wine Skins
E15: Kingdom Builders
E16: Restoring the Years
E17: What does it Mean to be Spiritual
E18: Beginning of the Kingdom Age
E19: Parables of the Kingdom: The Sower
E20: Parables of the Kingdom: Wheat & Tares
E21: Parables of the Kingdom: The Mustard Seed
E22: Parables of the Kingdom: Leaven
E23: Parables of the Kingdom: The Hidden Treasure
E24: Parables of the Kingdom: A Pearl of Great Price
E25: Parables of the Kingdom: The Dragnet
E26: Urban Survival: Why
E27: Leprosy in the Church
E28: Kingdom Qualities
E29: The Presence Driven Church
E30: The 11th Hour
E31: A New and Living Way
E32: The Renewing of our Mind
E33: The Valley of Achor
E34: The Woman at the Well
E35: The Power of Truth
E36: Taking Hold of Your Birthright
E37: Your Destiny and Speaking in Tongues
E38: End-Time Preparedness
E39: Why Bad Things Happen to Good People
E40: Being Ready for the Day of God’s Power
E41: Our Inheritance
E42: The New Creation Man
E43: Return of the Ark
E44: Raising Your Perspective of Life
E45: Foundations of Faith & Love
E46: No Man Lives unto Himself
E47: Forerunners
E48: Karma VS. Seed
E49: Divine Intervention
E50: Cleansing of the Temple
E51: Signposts and Markers
E52: Calling Things That are not, as Though They are

1 x USB Stick | 52 Episodes | 1920x1080p video | 25+ Hours