Getting to Maleny

Getting to Maleny

How to get to Maleny

Let’s go over some transport logistics as good planning is essential to avoid long or unplanned layovers.

Please consider the below general information, and every effort has been made to provide accurate information and a range of options however, you will need to look into options best suited to your situation and budget. We do not endorse any of the below options nor are sponsored.

Right, let’s get into it…..

Background Information

Maleny is a regional town 100kms north of Brisbane, and is in the hinterland (mountains) of the Sunshine Coast Region.

The Maleny accommodation options do not include large hotels. If you are after a hotel you will need a car and be willing to travel an hour each way from down on the coast at either Caloundra or Maroochydore/Alex Headland.

Instead, Maleny has small motels, farm stays, lots of Airbnb’s (e.g. rooms, cabins, whole house), a caravan park with van sites and limited camping sites within the Maleny Showgrounds, or holiday cabins at two other caravan parks. These budget cabins are about 15 minutes away by car or bus Route 891 (i. e. Ingenia Holiday Park with 800m walk or Ocean View Caravan and Tourist Park) though may not be best for bus travel at night given the limited services and the school program.

I must stress that it is very important to check how far the accommodation is from the Maleny township and match this to your mode of transportation and the timetable where relevant.


Brisbane International or Domestics Airports (BNE)

Brisbane is our nearest capital city and has both International and Domestic airports (BNE) side by side about 17kms from the Brisbane central business district. There are hotels at the airport for ease if needing to stay overnight before the journey north. (plus one other on Internet search ‘Brisbane Airport Hotels’

Hire Car – see next section - Arriving Brisbane Airports 1. Hire Car

Sunshine Coast Airport (MYC) Formally Maroochydore Airport

The Sunshine Coast Airport is a small airport that has direct flights to/from the following Australian capital cities: Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney; and with Auckland, New Zealand.  International flights landing at Sydney Airport might also show connecting flights to this airport. The Sunshine Coast Airport is approximately 42kms from Maleny. Transport to Maleny is by hire car, private transfer companies or a more circuitous, and long route of 3-4 buses.

Car rentals review this website or search the internet using ‘Sunshine Coast Airport hire cars’ or similar for other options

For an example of a private transfer company:

Transfer 4U

To find this bus route and timetable use the public paid bus service Translink “Plan your journey”

Arriving Brisbane International or Domestic Airports transport options (in no particular order)


    1. Hire Car (aka Rental)

      Where: book online and pick up from either airport (be specific - which one and flight number)

      Notes: whilst more costly this is a convenient and direct route (around 1.5 hours)

      Benefits: wider choice of accommodation and easier travel to the school and around Maleny and beyond.    or general internet search

        2. Private company door to door services

          Where: From designated location or in the arrival hall at each airport (be specific when using the online booking - Domestic or International airport, flight number)

          Notes: own private vehicle and driver

          Benefits: whilst expensive for one this may be an option for groups however transport around Maleny to the school or location of accommodation must be considered.

          Examples (search for wider range and compare):


          My Private Transfers

          Transfer 4U

            3. Airtrain

              Where: from either the Brisbane Domestic or International Airport to interchange at Eagle Junction

              Notes: Significant discount

                1. Discount if booked online



              2. Discount when included in South East Queensland visitor travel card “go seeQ” which includes 2 x Airtrain and unlimited local public transport for 3 or 5 consecutive days.

                Note: this needs a connector train and bus

                  • Local train - Eagle Junction to Sunshine Coast (Green line) getting off at Landsborough train station. See this Train Network Map:


                  • And then Bus 891 if staying in Maleny (891 – Route name: Maleny-Landsborough Station)

                Please refer to the section below: Getting around Maleny – 2. Bus Route 891

                  4. Shared transfer shuttle bus PLUS public buses

                    Where: From designated locations at each Brisbane airport (specify either Domestic or International).

                    Note: Whilst this is a budget option it only has specific pick up and put down points. This option requires a set down point that has a public bus stop that connects with the hinterland service. There are additional costs for the public buses.

                    For example, with Con-X-ion

                    An option would be a Con-X-ion shared shuttle bus from specified airport to Caloundra Bus Interchange (however this then needs a connecting bus to Landsborough Station and then another bus to Maleny).

                    To find this bus route and timetable use the public bus service Translink “Plan your journey”

                    e.g. 605: ‘Caloundra Station, Caloundra’ to ‘Landsborough Station, Landsborough’ then Bus Route 891 to a specific stop on route or into Maleny.

                    Please refer to the section below: Getting around Maleny – 2. Bus Route 891

                    P.S. There is another shuttle provider – Col’s Airshuttle - however their set stops that don’t appear to connect with other services to access Maleny.


                    Getting around Maleny

                    1. Walk if accommodation is close (if you plan to walk – pack an umbrella and torch).
                    2. Bus route 891 – “Landsborough Station to Maleny”

                    Where: Route 891 only travels the main road between Landsborough and Maleny with multiple stops.

                    ‘Inbound’ means from Maleny – Maple Street Cooke Park to Landsborough Station, whilst ‘outbound’ means Landsborough Station to Maleny – Maple Street, Cooke Park.

                    There are two main stops in Maleny itself, ‘Maple Street, Maleny’ for the top end of town or ‘Coral Street, Maleny’ for the lower end of town. Coral Steet is only used for arrival buses (outbound from Landsborough) and not departure buses (inbound to Landsborough)

                    Please refer to the website for stop locations and timetable:

                           Route 891 - timetable: outbound

                    Earliest bus Landsborough to Maleny: 7:22am arriving 7:37am, next is 8:41 arriving 8:56, and less frequent over the day.


                    Route 891 – timetable: inbound

                                           Latest bus Maleny to Landsborough: 7:37pm



                    Per ticket at stations

                    See the cost of local public buses on the Translink website (note tickets must be bought at the station or major stops as paper tickets cannot be bought on any services and fines apply if you do not have a ticket and ride)



                    go SeeQ – Public transport visitor passes – this public transport pass for visitors covers multiple days travel (3 or 5 consecutive day options and includes 2 x Airtrain and unlimited local public transport e.g. bus, train)

                    Or standard ‘go card’ – once the card is purchased you can ‘top it up’ as you need to


                    1. Hire Car from airport as above in previous section
                    2. Taxi - Maleny – Range Taxi Service (limited service)

                    Range Taxi Service does not accept online bookings.

                    For immediate bookings phone 131008 or if you are out of the local area, call Range Taxi Service on 0418 711 989.

                    There is only one vehicle, a Maxi Taxi van seating 11, however availability cannot be guaranteed especially if there is high demand. Monday to Friday, the last Taxi is at 8pm. Please note, bookings are essential and if multiple stops are required this MUST be specified at the time of booking.

                    1. Uber

                    Where: all across the Sunshine Coast including in and around Maleny

                    Notes: pre-booking is essential

                    Ride availability is not guaranteed.

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